Keynote Writing & Coaching

Keynote Presentations

Let’s talk about:

  • Finding the right topic for you
  • Crafting your speech or presentation
  • Finding the right physical or virtual stages
  • Adapting your speech or presentation
  • Pitching your speech and completing proposals

Options range from “do-it-yourself” to complete agency services.

Every executive should have a signature speech.

Many of us are reluctant speakers (or WERE reluctant speakers before we learned the benefits it brings to our organizations and our causes!)

“Rhetoric is the art of ruling the minds of men.”

In the aviation industry, (as in most others) the people who are on the stages speaking to conventions and groups and who are being featured as guests on podcasts find it easier to do five things:

1) Make more sales:

If you’re currently working in sales, the benefits of public speaking are many. You can reach for higher sales goals, get more customers and make more sales with public speaking skills.

2. Advance your career

Great public speakers are more comfortable in interviews, be better able to sway others in your favor, and convince your boss to give you a promotion.

3. Stand out in a competitive workforce

Most will avoid speaking up and putting themselves in the spotlight, but you could be the only person in  your field that is willing and able to represent your topic!

4. Bring people together:

Within your company or on your team, public speaking is a way to bring workers together. When many people feel confident in public speaking, workers will speak their mind and collaborate better together.

5. Become a thought leader:

A thought leader is someone that people go to for ideas, consult on problems, and more. Being a good public speaker makes you that person and will get you ahead in your job when people know they can come to you.

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