Aviation Podcasters and YouTubers

Aviation Podcasters and YouTubers

Need help with your strategy as a podcast or YouTube channel guest?

Getting featured on a popular aviation podcast or YouTube channel can be just as effective for your business as an ad on the Superbowl.

Especially since most podcasts are specialized to a niche of the industry that might be perfect customers for you, and an ad on the Superbowl for a highly specific, B2B aviation product or service would be kind of a waste!

Podcasters and YouTubers are often looking for guests with expertise on the topic they have planned.

Aviation Podcasters

Max Trescott, Aviation News Talk Podcast

Aviation News Talk by Max Trescott.

The podcast focuses on General Aviation news, general tips for pilots, technical details on glass cockpits and flying GPS approaches, and an occasional interview. They also answer listener questions & bring more than 40 years of piloting experience to the show to help teach pilots and future pilots to fly safely.


Contact – linkedin.com/in/max-trescott-4513975

Paula & John Williams

Aviation Marketing Hangar Flying by Paula & John Williams.

For FBOs, MROs, flight schools, and aviation industry professionals – how to survive in this crazy market and how to sell more of your products and services to these crazy people.


Contact – linkedin.com/in/paulawilliams

Aviation YouTubers

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