With a hat tip to Stephen Covey, this was just a bit ahead of his time!

This is how I fit social media into my sales cadence. Professional sales folks – how do YOU use social media effectively for the amount of time you spend?

And, out of curiosity – how much time do you spend?


The gist – Most people spend WAY too much time “broadcasting” and way to little time listening and engaging on social media.

It’s called Social Media for a reason, right?

My recipe:


  • Three connections
  • Three thoughtful comments

This is in addition to the fairly canned “Happy Birthday” and “Congratulations” that the app suggests.



  • Three Company Pages
  • Three Likes
  • Three Comments


  • Review Three Hashtags
  • Three Replies
  • Three Retweets

Total – about 45 minutes.

I do this routine (or part of it) every time I’m trapped in the car, plane or train, or waiting for something and don’t have another immediate, interruptable task available.

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