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Interview by Bert Botta

Jeff Stodola - aviation copywriterI’m sure Jeff will cringe when he reads this introduction since he’s very modest about his accomplishments.

I particularly enjoyed interviewing him since Navy fighter pilots have been my heroes since I was an enlisted man in a Navy anti-sub squadron.

(Rarely is it that one gets to interview one’s hero, 🙂 thanks for the opportunity Jeff and ABCI!)

I have written many articles about my time in the Navy and one in particular about the impact a Navy pilot had on my life.

The article was originally published a few years ago in Aviation International News.

I would be happy to share that article and others with anyone who might want to read them.

Bert Botta

Questions for Jeff:

  1. If you were to target a customer for you or your company, how would I spot that ideal customer?

The name of my company is Angels 6 Aviation. I intend to develop it into a company that does public speaking and process development where I can take my military experience, safety culture development and improvement, and Naval Aviation network into the marketplace.

A target customer would be either (1) a business that could use my military know-how and language or (2) an organization that wants to hire military people or have them as clients, leveraging my military connections.

  1. How would you best describe your company’s approach, products and services, and value propositions?

My unique approach would be to merge the best practices that I’ve acquired in General Aviation, (GA) the military and my soon-to-be knowledge of commercial aviation to help a business from these unique standpoints in order to leverage those best practices.

The military focuses almost 100% of its efforts on effectiveness whereas business or GA might focus more on efficiency.

In addition, Naval Aviation has a very active safety program. I think a lot of businesses take the safety factor for granted. If they meet the minimum standards, like complying with OSHA and other regulations, they’re satisfied but they don’t have an active focus on safety within their company.

By melding some of my Navy experience with what businesses are already doing, I could help to effect change within their culture.

  1. What might prospects say to trigger me to refer to you or your company?

Anyone that is looking to the military side of their business, whether they’re looking for military pilots as a customer or as a potential employee or someone who’s looking to get business from the military.

This could be FBO’s, (Fixed Base Operators) or any service organization that has some military aspect to their business.

I can supply know-how information and also liaison connections across the Navy to help my clients.

  1. What is your marketing process once your prospect receives a referral?

I’m looking to provide great support to great aviation companies. My best and most individual tool is to show them an example of what I’m capable of regarding a product that is tailored to their needs.

I will give them an example of that product. If they’re receptive, that’s awesome and they’re probably the type of company that I can work with. If not, we’ll have to figure out something else to make it work.

A prime example is ABCI. I talked with them a while ago and I knew I wanted to get involved but I wasn’t sure how so we discussed a number of things.

A couple of months went by and nothing happened so I wrote an article and sent it off to them. I said, “Here’s this, what do you think?”

Paula and John were very receptive, and we’ve really been able to grow from there. That’s my ideal platform for marketing. Let me have a seat at the table, and I’ll show you how I can become an asset for you and your company.

  1. How did you get where you are in your professional life?

Background. As a kid I was interested in aviation. I started flying in high school, went on to get my private license and then applied for a ROTC scholarship. I won that and then went to Purdue on that scholarship.

There I studied aviation technology. When I left Purdue, I went to Navy flight school, where I graduated from primary to advanced and flew the T-45A Goshawk.

Then I checked out in the EA-6B Prowler; that took me up to Whidbey Island, WA. I flew the Prowler out of Whidbey for 3 years, and did a combat deployment tour on the USS Nimitz to Afghanistan in the Prowler.

After leaving the Prowler I transitioned to the EA-18G Growler (from Prowler to Growler!) where I trained as a flight instructor. I instructed in the Growler for 3 and half years until June, 2015 when I left the Navy after a total of 10 years.

I then switched to the reserves, still flying the Growler. I was recently hired at a major air carrier and will soon start training as a First Officer, date and equipment yet to be determined.

I got involved with ABCI through my brother Mike. Every time Mike would mention ABCI and marketing, I envisioned doing something with both aviation and marketing.

Soon after I met ABCI I contracted with them to write an article. I’m also soon going to be spearheading the “Test Flight” program, where we will submit our favorite article, ad or piece of content and then watch as it’s torn apart, er, critiqued in the forum. Kind of a “hot seat” for our material.

I’m interested in everything aviation. That’s been my focus since day one. I welcome the opportunity to talk about anything and all to do with aviation; general, military, and soon to be commercial.

This is what I’m going to devote the rest of my life to focusing on and doing.

How to Contact Jeff:

Email – [email protected]
Phone – 765-404-2762
Facebook –
Linked-In- my profile is up under my name Jeffrey Stodola


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