Mobile App - Aviation Marketing by ABCI - the AppNot too long ago, you just needed an ad in the phone book to be a “respectable establishment.”

A few years ago, you needed a website.

The last couple of years, customers started looking for you on social media and commenting when they couldn’t find you.

Now, they’re asking if you have a mobile app for  iPhone or Android.

Just like social media, mobile apps are simply tools. If they help you accomplish a specific task cost-effectively, then by all means, create one!

So, what marketing tasks can you accomplish with a mobile app for prospects or customers?

Potentially, anything that your website can do, except in a more convenient mobile format (that your customers may be more likely to use more often.)

  • Keep your contact and service information at their fingertips.
  • A “refer a friend” feature that they’re more likely to use on the spur of the moment, if it’s right there on their phone.
  • Blog articles or podcasts, so they can stay up to date with your latest news while commuting or waiting.
  • How-to tutorials and other information about your product.
  • Purchase or reorder information that is more convenient than your website.
  • Scheduling your time (for services, airplanes, etc.)
  • Access to any online product or information portal.

In addition to these, ABCI’s new app will include:

Links to the Aviation Service Directory, so you can find aviation companies or events easily on the go.

Want an early preview?

Download the aviation marketing App by ABCI from  iTunes or the Android Store.  It’s free for a limited time- we’d love to hear what you think!

(Pardon our dust – there are a few little things we’re still working on!)

Thanks for your help!

Want your own mobile app?

We’re considering rolling out an app as an option for our TurboProp and Business Jet clients as part of their overall marketing strategy.  Give us a a call and let’s talk about your ideas for an app to keep your product or service (or at least your marketing)  at your customers’  fingertips.



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