We’d like to thank Benét Wilson and Michael Dye for joining us for our Executive Brief panel discussion this month!

Executive Brief - Advertising Media

Benét and Michael are both expert at using advertising media to attract more customers, readers, clients and/or students!  Benét has attracted HUGE social media audiences for Airways News, the Aviation Queen blog, AOPA and Aviation Week!  Michael’s company Aviation Broadcast has compiled one of the largest opt-in email lists in the aviation industry and sends out thousands of email broadcasts each week on behalf of all types of aviation clients. He also uses media to advertise for his other companies, FBO Consultant and FBO For Sale.

Choosing the right advertising media is important, since it’s your first chance to reach out to new prospects. It can also be very expensive, so you want to choose carefully.  Our advice?  Using multiple advertising media to take advantage of the strengths of each.

Benét and Michael have very different specialties, but both have invaluable expertise – just one of their ideas can save you weeks or months of time and tons of money – because they already know what does and doesn’t work!

See a short  (approx. 9 minute) excerpt of our conversation here: